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Noleggio Yachts Caraibi
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Noleggio Yachts Caraibi
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Yacht Charter lusso Santa Lucia, Caraibi
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Yacht Charter Lusso Caraibi
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Noleggio Yacht Lusso Saint Barth
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The intoxicating scent of spices, fleshy and lush flowers, colorful tropical fruit, the rhythms of calypso, salsa or reggae, the colors of the sea, the sky and the most starry nights ever seen in the world. For everyone a feeling of uniqueness and unrepeatability.


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2023-02-01 New Partnership Verdeblu-Sunrise Charter

The two Roman companies have entered into a new Partnership in order to interact strategically for the expansion and the development of the Luxury Yacht Charter sector in Italy and the Mediterranean and to represent Sail and Motor yacht owners in the marketing of their yacht in order to offer them in Charter to an increasingly large Italian and international clientele.

Establishing a corporate partnership is an extraordinary opportunity for Verdeblu and Sunrise Charter to face a market, the one of the Luxury Yacht Charter, in continuous movement and whose demand is always more demanding and selective. All in order to achieve its final objectives of expanding the two companies and to increasingly satisfy the demand of their clients.

Marzia Nostini, CEO of Verdeblu and Captain Mauro Toro, CEO of Sunrise Charter, have been carrying out their activities for years with passion and professionalism, guaranteeing a service of the highest level aimed at responding to every specific need.

The experience acquired over many years in this sector has made Verdeblu and Sunrise Charter a point of reference also for those who intend to entrust their yacht in Charter Management by proposing highly profitable 'custom' formulas so that individual expectations and client’s needs can be satisfied.

Key points and targets of the "partnership"

1) Strengthen the contacts and relationships with the crews of charter yachts;
2) Refine itineraries in the most famous navigation areas in Italy, the Mediterranean and in the World;
3) Negotiate the best conditions for clients and shipowners with the use of the Myba Charter Agreement;
4) The possibility of inserting the new Yachts acquired in Central Agency in the vast and precious list of luxury yachts for hire in the Myba/Yachtfolio platform in order to promote them on the international luxury yachting market and manage all stages of the rental;
6) Focusing on yachts and owners with a "green" spirit interested in environmental sustainability policies.

"We believe everyone involved in the yachting industry can and should easily do something to help the environment "

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