Yacht Management

For those who already have a yacht or are thinking to purchase one, Verdeblu Yacht Broker offers its experience in the Yacht Charter Management providing a professional and personalized service.
When yacht owners are not on board, chartering their vessel through Verdeblu Yacht Broker is the ideal way to allow the yacht to generate an extra income that will help them to cover part of the purchase, maintenance and crew costs.

Our experience in the international Luxury Yacht Charter industry will ensure the yacht to achieve a high profile and attract the high net worth segment of clients.

Yacht Charter Management

Our experience in the international Luxury Yacht Charter Industry will ensure that your yacht will achieve a high profile and attract the right interested clients.

Verdeblu will take care of promoting the yacht in the most appropriate venues, managing clients enquiries and closing Charter Contracts either in the case of Commercially Registered Yachts or for Occasional Rentals Yachts (according to italian law).

Most yachts dedicated to charter are now registered in the Commercial Registers and for good reason. The Charter legislation is quite complicated and so is its interpretation and updates. Having a commercial registration means that your yacht can “work” in a professional way, can discharge VAT and give guarantees both to yacht’s owners and to clients who will rent them.

As an alternative to Commercial Registration, italian law provides an Occasional Rental system which allows owners to rent their yacht for a maximum of 42 days a year without applying VAT and with a personal 20% taxation only.


Finalizing a yacht charter needs long and complex procedures and this is the work of a professional who dedicates all his time to it. He visits the dedicated Yacht Charter Shows, knows the contracts perfectly, the market trends, what clients want, knows the importance of preference lists, organizes professional photo shootings, provides data, documents, organizes additional services such as car rentals, helicopters, hotels, restaurants, maintains contacts in an impartial manner between Crew.

This is difficult if the owner has to carry out it by himself and if his sector of activity is completely different. The increasingly international clientele often prefers to enquire through its own local Broker who will search for Luxury Charter Yachts in the professional international circuits to which Verdeblu is proud to belong since many years. Not talkinf of the marketing costs which are not at all low.

The future and advantages of renting Green Yachts

The advantages of inserting your yacht into the luxury charter market will be even more noticeable if this yacht will reflect the increasingly highlighted trends of the many recent International Yacht Shows where Green, Eco-friendly or Eco Sustainable Yachts (whether hybrid, electric or solar panels) are massively proposed to promote Eco-Environmental sustainability to protect our seas and oceans and limit the impact of greenhouse gases caused by power driven yachts.

In these last years, talks about environment in the world of Luxury Yachting has moved from a quiet but persistent “murmur” to an “almost deafening roar”
The future and health of our oceans is fundamental to Verdeblu. If you want to include your yacht in our “Luxury Eco friendly Fleet for Charter”, fill out the folowing form and we will be happy to contact you to talk about it in depth.

Propose your charter yacht with Verdeblu

Verdeblu Yacht Charter offers a bespoke in-house developed Charter Management customised to each individual owner and vessel’s needs.

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