Verdeblu is Eco Friendly

Verdeblu’s vision is to provide a cruising experience that combines unparalleled quality and high comfort with an eco-friendly ethos. Facing environmental challenges and a desire for sustainable living, they are committed to an eco-aware approach to nautical tourism.

With this in mind, Verdeblu is increasingly selecting a wide range of green yachts or yachts undergoing eco-sustainability modifications. This initiative aims to reduce the environmental impact on the marine environment in the yacht charter sector.

Good News from the Green Yacht World

Verdeblu believes the future of eco-sustainable yachting is bright. The sector is rapidly evolving with new technologies, materials, and regulations driving innovation and change.

As consumers and governments become more environmentally conscious, the demand for sustainable yachts and mega yachts is growing. This is creating new opportunities for shipbuilders committed to reducing fuel consumption, energy, and the use of non-eco-friendly materials, further driving the evolution of green yachting.

Green Yacht Designers

According to Architect Mattia Massola Taliacarne from Green Yachts Studio, sustainable yachting is a relatively new concept that has gained significant attention as people become more aware of their lifestyle choices’ impact on the environment. The evolution of sustainable recreational boating is expected to continue as consumers demand greener options and the industry responds with innovative solutions.

A key trend in sustainable recreational boating is the development of new technologies that reduce emissions and waste. Hybrid propulsion systems, solar panels, and advanced waste management systems are examples of technologies incorporated into yachts to make them more sustainable. More information can be found at


Verdeblu Plants a Tree for Every Green Yacht Charter

Planting trees for a greener and fairer world

“Charter a luxury yacht with Verdeblu,” and for every yacht charter completed in 2024, they will plant a tree in your name through the platform TREEDOM.IT. You can follow the agroforestry project it’s part of for years to come.

“We believe that each of us should strive to reduce our CO2 emissions and that doing so can also contribute to absorbing them by planting trees.
We believe we can make this planet greener, and we want to do it the right way.”
(From the Treedom Manifesto –

With 26 trees already planted in 2022, Verdeblu has saved 3 tons of CO2.

Propose your yacht charter with Verdeblu

You can decide to entrust your boat to Verdeblu Yacht Charter with personalized management tailored to your needs.

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