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Greece, a jewel of the Mediterranean with its islands of countless shades, reveals itself as the ideal destination for yacht chartering in Greece. Famous destinations such as Corfu, Lefkada in the Ionian Islands, Mykonos and Paros in the Cyclades, Kos and Rhodes in the Dodecanese, and Skiathos in the Sporades, will enchant you with their unparalleled beauty. The deep blue sea, picturesque villages, white and pristine beaches, secret and secluded bays, combined with the ideal climate, create the perfect setting for a memorable cruise. The wide selection of sailing and motor yachts, equipped with highly qualified personnel, makes the area a paradise for yacht charter enthusiasts in Greece.

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  • Astoria

    Low Season: 24.000 €/week
    High Season: 35.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 18.78
    Cabins: 5
    Type of Yacht: Catamaran
    Year: 2021
    Model: Samana 59
    Builder: Fountain Pajot

  • Christal Mio

    Low Season (from October to May): 33,000 E/week
    High Season (July and August): €47,000/week
    Medium Season (June and September): €43,000/week
    Length m: 20.42
    Cabins: 5
    Type of Yacht: Catamaran
    Year: 2020
    Model: Power 67
    Builder: Fountain Pajot

  • Falco Moscata

    Low Season: on request
    High Season: on request
    Length m: 50
    Cabins: 5
    Type of Yacht: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2010 – Refit 2022
    Model: Vitruvius
    Builder: Picchiotti/Perini Navi

  • Lagoon 52 Madinina

    Low Season: €16,000/week
    High Season: €21,000/week
    Length m: 15.85
    Cabins: 4
    Type of Yacht: Catamaran
    Year: 2021
    Model: Lagoon 52F
    Builder: Lagoon

  • Lagoon 62 Nova

    Low Season:€ 19.600/week + VAT 12% €/week
    High Season: € 27.300/week + VAT 12% €/week
    Lenght mt: 18.9
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type: Catamaran
    Year: 2011 – Refit 2020
    Model: Lagoon 62
    Builder: Lagoon

  • O’Pari

    Low Season : 1.100.000/week
    High Season: : 1.100.000/week
    Lenght mt: 95
    Cabins: 13
    Yacht type: Mega Yacht
    Year: 2020
    Builder: Golden Yachts

  • Sole Di Mare

    Low Season: €73,000/week
    High Season: €79,000/week
    Length m: 35.25
    Cabins: 6
    Type of Yacht: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2000 – Refits: 2017/20/22/23/24
    Builder: Baglietto

  • Sunreef Eco 80

    Low Season: 85.000/week
    High Season: 90.000/week
    Lenght mt: 23.99
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type: Catamaran
    Year: 2023
    Model: Sunreef Eco 80
    Builder: Sunreef Yachts

  • Swan 108

    Low Season: €115,000
    High Season: €115,000
    Length m: 32.92
    Cabins: 4
    Type of Yacht: Sailing Yacht
    Year: 2023
    Model: Swan 108
    Shipyard: Nautor’s Swan

Luxury Yacht Charter in Greece

The Mediterranean, with its crystal-clear waters, enchanting coasts, and ideal climate, is a top-tier nautical destination. This sea, the cradle of ancient civilizations, continues to seduce with its unmistakable charm, offering a perfect mix of natural beauty, culture, and adventure. Yacht chartering in Greece is a unique opportunity to explore this fascinating world.

VerdeBlu offers an exclusive range of luxury yachts for charter in Greece, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience. Our yachts range from 20 to over 50 meters, including Mega Yachts and Super Yachts, equipped with every comfort and luxury for an unforgettable cruise. Each yacht is a masterpiece of elegance and technology, designed to offer the utmost comfort and style in luxury yacht chartering in Greece.

Recommended Itineraries and Destinations

Sailing in the crystal-clear waters of Greece is a dream experience for every sea enthusiast. With our yacht charter service in Greece, we offer the opportunity to explore some of the most fascinating and historically rich locations in the Mediterranean. From Athens, with its immense cultural heritage, to the idyllic beaches of Corfu and the energetic atmosphere of Mykonos, each destination offers a unique experience. Discover these wonderful itineraries with us, selected to ensure an unforgettable cruise.


Athens is not just the capital of Greece but also a historical and cultural gem for those cruising on a yacht. Sailing towards the Port of Piraeus, you can immerse yourself in ancient history. Visit famous archaeological sites like the Acropolis and the Parthenon, or stroll through the historic streets of Plaka to savor the true essence of Athens. The evening can be spent enjoying the view of the illuminated city from the comfort of your yacht.


Corfu, an Ionian island known for its turquoise waters and green landscapes, offers a perfect balance between natural beauty and historical richness. Sailing along the coast, you’ll discover hidden bays and pristine beaches. Visit the Old Town of Corfu, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its Venetian architecture. The island is also famous for its local cuisine, which you can enjoy in the many seaside restaurants.


Mykonos is synonymous with glamour and nightlife, but it also offers tranquil beaches and picturesque landscapes. This Cycladic island is perfect for those seeking a mix of relaxation and fun. Sailing around the island, you’ll discover exclusive beaches and hidden coves, ideal for moments of relaxation or yacht parties. Don’t miss the sunset at Little Venice, a spectacle that enchants every visitor.

Yacht Charter in Greece with Crew

Every chartered yacht is managed by a highly qualified and carefully selected crew, ensuring excellent and reserved service. The crew is skilled in creating a welcoming and luxurious atmosphere, ensuring an unparalleled cruise experience in crewed yacht chartering in Greece.

Embarking on a yacht cruise in Greece with VerdeBlu means immersing yourself in a world of exclusivity and luxury. We offer premium experiences with personalized and discreet service. Our yachts are synonymous with elegance and sophistication, ideal for exploring the most prestigious and sought-after locations in the Mediterranean.

Booking Information and Prices

For detailed information on the booking process and to discuss your specific needs, we invite you to contact VerdeBlu. Our experts will be pleased to assist you in selecting your ideal yacht, ensuring a tailored service that reflects the true value and exclusivity of yacht chartering in Greece. For yacht charter prices in Greece, contact us for personalized consultation.

Sustainability in the Yacht Rental Sector in Greece

VerdeBlu is committed to protecting the marine environment and promotes sustainability in the yacht chartering sector. We select eco-sustainable yachts and are committed to reducing environmental impact, contributing to a greener future for the yacht rental sector in Greece.

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