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The Mediterranean, with its crystal-clear waters and enchanting coasts, is an unparalleled nautical destination. This region, rich in history and culture, offers a unique sailing experience, where the deep blue of the sea blends with breathtaking panoramas. The Mediterranean is a paradise for sea enthusiasts, making it the ideal place for yacht charter in the Mediterranean.

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  • Low Season: €28,800/week
    High Season: €30,000/week
    Length m: 24
    Cabins: 4
    Type of Yacht: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2008 – Refit 2022/2023
    Model: Alalunga 78
    Site: Spertini – Alalunga

  • 55 Fiftyfive

    Low Season: 90.000 €/week
    High Season: 100.000 €/week
    Special offer April 2024: 60.000 €/sett
    Special offer May 2024: 70.000 €/sett
    Lenght mt: 31
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type : Motor Yacht
    year: 2021
    Model: 102′ Flying Sport
    Builder: CERRI

  • Aramis

    low Season: 38.000 €/week
    High Season : 48.000 €/week
    Medium Season : 43.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 23.8
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2011 – Refit 2017
    Model: Princess V78
    Builder: Princess Yacht

  • Ashleyrose 110

    Low Season: €60,000/week
    High Season: €65,000/week
    Length m: 33.7
    Cabins: 4
    Type of Yacht: Sailing Yacht
    Year: 1998/Refit 2022
    Model: Ketch
    Builder: Notika

  • Aslec 4

    Low Season: 180.000 €/week
    High Season: 265.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 48
    Cabins: 5  – Crew: 9
    Yacht Tpe: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2012 – Refit 2017
    Builder: Rossi Navi

  • Astoria

    Low Season: 24.000 €/week
    High Season: 35.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 18.78
    Cabins: 5
    Type of Yacht: Catamaran
    Year: 2021
    Model: Samana 59
    Builder: Fountain Pajot

  • Athos

    Low Season: 69.000 €/week
    High Season: 86.000 €/week
    Mid Season, from 1st to 15th July: 77.000 €/week
    Lengh mt: 32
    Cabins: 5
    Yacht type: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2011 – Refit 2022
    Model: Leopard 32
    Builder: Arno

  • Bad Mutha

    Low Season: €90,000/week
    High Season: €100,000/week
    Length m: 27
    Cabins: 4 – Crew: 5
    Type of Yacht: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2023
    Model: Wally 200
    Builder: Wally Yachts

  • Blue Griffin

    Low Season: 22.400 €/week
    High Season: 25.900 €/week
    Lenght mt: 18.9
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type: Catamaran
    Year: 2012/2019
    Builder: Lagoon

  • Blush

    Low Season: €155,000/week
    High Season: €140,000/week
    Length m: 45.3
    Cabins: 4/5
    Type of Yacht: Sailing Yacht
    Year: 2007
    Model: Sloop
    Builder: Perini Navi

  • Christal Mio

    Low Season (from October to May): 33,000 E/week
    High Season (July and August): €47,000/week
    Medium Season (June and September): €43,000/week
    Length m: 20.42
    Cabins: 5
    Type of Yacht: Catamaran
    Year: 2020
    Model: Power 67
    Builder: Fountain Pajot

  • Cloud IX

    Low Season: €37,500/week
    High Season: €43,500/week
    Length m: 23.65
    Cabins: 3
    Type of Yacht: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2019
    Model:Sanlorenzo SX 76′
    Shipyard: Sanlorenzo

Luxury Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean

VerdeBlu offers an exclusive range of luxury yachts, perfect for exploring the wonders of the Mediterranean. Our yachts, ranging from 20 to 50 meters, are equipped with all the comforts, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable experience. With options including sailing yachts, motor yachts, gulets, and catamarans, we provide luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean to satisfy every desire.

Itineraries and Recommended Destinations

The Mediterranean, with its azure waters and breathtaking coasts, is a dream destination for sailing enthusiasts. A yacht charter in the Mediterranean offers the opportunity to explore some of the world’s most fascinating and historically rich locations. From hidden bays and pristine beaches to vibrant and culturally rich cities, every yacht cruise is a unique and memorable adventure. Let’s explore some of the most amazing destinations the Mediterranean has to offer.


Discover Turkey, a jewel of the Mediterranean, known for its crystal-clear waters and cultural richness. From Istanbul to Bodrum, each port tells a unique story. Yacht charter in Turkey offers the opportunity to explore ancient ruins, colorful markets, and idyllic beaches, making it an unforgettable experience for every sailing enthusiast.


Yacht charter in Italy offers a dream experience with its rich history, exquisite cuisine, and stunning landscapes. Sail along the Amalfi Coast, discover the beauties of Sicily, and the wonders of Sardinia. Every corner of Italy, when explored through a yacht charter, presents a spectacular view and an unparalleled nautical experience.

Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are a paradise for sea lovers. With yacht charter in the Balearic Islands, you can explore the famous islands of Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca. These islands not only offer spectacular beaches and crystal-clear waters but also a vibrant nightlife and rich culture.


Greece is a mosaic of enchanting islands and azure waters. Through yacht charter in Greece, you can discover the famous islands of Mykonos, Santorini, and many others, each with its unique beauty and history. Greece promises a nautical adventure through ancient historical sites and breathtaking landscapes.


Croatia, with its fascinating Adriatic coast, offers one of the best sailing experiences in Europe. Yacht charter in Croatia will allow you to explore beautiful historic cities like Dubrovnik and pristine islands like Hvar and Korčula, renowned for their natural and historical beauty.

French Riviera

The French Riviera is synonymous with elegance and luxury. With yacht charter on the French Riviera, you can dive into the charm of locations like Saint-Tropez, Cannes, and Monaco. This destination offers a unique mix of glamour, natural beauty, and refined culture, perfect for a luxurious yachting experience.


Corsica, an island of wild and untouched beauty, is a hidden treasure in the heart of the Mediterranean. Yacht charter in Corsica offers you the opportunity to explore its rocky coasts, white sandy beaches, and picturesque villages. A yacht cruise in Corsica is ideal for those seeking a peaceful and fascinating nautical experience.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter with Crew

VerdeBlu is distinguished for its crewed yacht charter service in the Mediterranean. Our highly qualified and selected crews ensure professionalism, discretion, and privacy, assuring a first-class service.

A yacht cruise with VerdeBlu means immersing yourself in a world of exclusivity and luxury. Each cruise is a tailored experience, allowing you to explore iconic locations in total comfort and privacy.

Booking Information and Prices

For more details on the booking process and personalized consultation, we invite you to contact VerdeBlu. Although specific prices are not listed here, we are ready to guide you in choosing the perfect yacht, offering a service that reflects the true value of VerdeBlu.

Sustainability in the Yacht Rental Sector in the Mediterranean

VerdeBlu is committed to sustainability, selecting eco-friendly yachts and promoting practices that reduce environmental impact. Our eco-conscious approach to yacht rental in the Mediterranean reflects our commitment to more responsible and sustainable nautical tourism.

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