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Dream of an unforgettable, exciting and luxurious holiday? Yachting in Sardinia is the answer. Choose Verdeblu, your Luxury Yacht Charter Broker and rent a yacht in Sardinia. Verdeblu will offer you the opportunity to sail among the clear waters and enchanting beaches of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, discovering it’s natural, cultural and gastronomic wonders. Immerse yourself in the magic vibrant worldliness of the island, enjoying unique experiences in its glamouros seaside resorts, the favorite place for both the international jet set and nature lovers. Verdeblu will provide you a world class experience.

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  • 55 Fiftyfive

    Low Season: 90.000 €/week
    High Season: 100.000 €/week
    Special offer April 2024: 60.000 €/sett
    Special offer May 2024: 70.000 €/sett
    Lenght mt: 31
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type : Motor Yacht
    year: 2021
    Model: 102′ Flying Sport
    Builder: CERRI

  • Aramis

    low Season: 38.000 €/week
    High Season : 48.000 €/week
    Medium Season : 43.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 23.8
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2011 – Refit 2017
    Model: Princess V78
    Builder: Princess Yacht

  • Ashleyrose 110

    Low Season: €60,000/week
    High Season: €65,000/week
    Length m: 33.7
    Cabins: 4
    Type of Yacht: Sailing Yacht
    Year: 1998/Refit 2022
    Model: Ketch
    Builder: Notika

  • Aslec 4

    Low Season: 180.000 €/week
    High Season: 265.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 48
    Cabins: 5  – Crew: 9
    Yacht Tpe: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2012 – Refit 2017
    Builder: Rossi Navi

  • Athos

    Low Season: 69.000 €/week
    High Season: 86.000 €/week
    Mid Season, from 1st to 15th July: 77.000 €/week
    Lengh mt: 32
    Cabins: 5
    Yacht type: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2011 – Refit 2022
    Model: Leopard 32
    Builder: Arno

  • Bad Mutha

    Low Season: €90,000/week
    High Season: €100,000/week
    Length m: 27
    Cabins: 4 – Crew: 5
    Type of Yacht: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2023
    Model: Wally 200
    Builder: Wally Yachts

  • Blue Griffin

    Low Season: 22.400 €/week
    High Season: 25.900 €/week
    Lenght mt: 18.9
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type: Catamaran
    Year: 2012/2019
    Builder: Lagoon

  • Estia

    Low Season: 75.000 €/week
    High Season: 89.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 26.7
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2022
    Model: Sanlorenzo SX 88
    Builder: Sanlorenzo

  • Ethna

    Low Season: 60.000 €/week
    High Season: 74.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 30
    Cabins: 5
    Type of Yacht: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2008 – Refit 2020
    Model: Custom Line 97′
    Builder: Ferretti

  • Indian

    Low Season: 49.000 €/week
    High Season: 56.000 €/week
    Length mt: 25
    Cabins: 4 – Crew: 5
    Yacht Type: Explorer Yacht
    Year: 2008 – Refit: 21/22/2023
    Model: Naumachos 82
    Builder: Cantiere di Pesaro

  • Kawai

    Low Season: €55,000/week
    High Season: €65,000/week
    Length m: 28.3
    Cabins: 3
    Type of Yacht: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2010 – refit 2021
    Model: Mangusta 92
    Builder: Overmarine

  • Lagoon 62 Soleanis II

    Low Season: 21.000 €/week
    High Season: 27.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 18.9
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type: Catamarano
    Year: 2017
    Model: Lagoon 62 Essence
    Builder: Lagoon

Luxury Yacht Charter in Sardinia

Sardinia, a gem nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, and fascinating coastline. With a landscape that ranges from long sandy expanses to breathtaking cliffs, the island offers a paradise for boating enthusiasts. Sardinia, with its rich history and culture, as well as its wild nature, represents a nautical destination of incomparable beauty and charm.

In Sardinia, we offer a wide variety of luxury yachts for charter, catering to all needs and preferences. From refined sailing yachts to powerful mega motor yachts, and even catamarans, our vessels vary in length from 20 to over 50 meters.

Yachts in central agency for charter in Sardinia

Athos, Leopard 32 / Yacht for Charter – Porthos Sans Abri, Ferretti 881 Fly / Yacht for Charter – Aramis, Princess V78 / Yacht for Charter and Indian, Explorer / Yacht for Charter.

These are some yachts that Verdeblu Yacht Charter has under exclusive management (Central Agency – CA) for charter in Sardinia and along the Tyrrhenian coast and islands. The CA is the company that handles all reservations, requests, rental contracts, and payments related to the charter. It acts as the intermediary between the yacht owner and the client regarding all charter-related matters.

If you own a yacht or are considering purchasing one, you could benefit from offering it for charter through Verdeblu, a maritime intermediary, which provides its extensive experience in charter management for yachts over 20 meters, offering professional and personalized service at all levels. The yachts are listed in the Yachtfolio platform of the M.Y.B.A. (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association), which includes over 2000 vessels managed exclusively by the most renowned national and international rental companies.

Given the great success demonstrated during the latest international yacht shows (including the Monaco Yacht Show), Verdeblu is also showing a lot of interest in managing green yachts – eco-friendly yachts or those in the process of eco-sustainability, with a preference for catamarans to be included in its fleet.

Recommended Itineraries and Destinations in Sardinia

Sardinia, with its crystal-clear waters and spectacular coasts, offers a variety of yacht itineraries to explore, each unique in its own way. Here are some of our most requested itineraries, designed to showcase the best of this enchanting island.

Costa Smeralda and Maddalena Archipelago

This itinerary begins from the famous Costa Smeralda, known for its turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, as well as its luxurious lifestyle, including the trendy locality of Porto Cervo. Heading north, you reach the Maddalena Archipelago, a marine national park consisting of seven main islands and numerous islets. These waters are ideal for snorkeling and diving, offering rich marine biodiversity and breathtaking seabeds. Maddalena and Caprera, in particular, are famous for their secluded beaches and crystal-clear waters.

The Western Coast: Alghero and Neptune’s Grotto

Sailing along the western coast, you encounter Alghero, a city rich in history with Catalan influences. Here, you can explore the famous Neptune’s Grotto, accessible both by land and sea. This itinerary offers a perfect mix of natural beauty, such as the spectacular rock formations of the grotto, and the cultural charm of Alghero, with its well-preserved historic center.

The Southern Coast: Cagliari and the Beaches of the South

Heading south, Cagliari, the island’s capital, offers a mix of history, culture, and natural beauty. Around Cagliari, you find some of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches, such as Chia and Villasimius, characterized by turquoise waters and fine sand. Also worth discovering is the Isola del Toro, where the queen’s falcon nests. This itinerary is ideal for those looking for a combination of relaxation on paradisiacal beaches, for nature lovers, and for exploring a city rich in history.

The Eastern Coast: Gulf of Orosei and Cala Goloritzé

The Gulf of Orosei on the eastern coast is famous for its remote coves and towering cliffs. Places like Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu, and Cala Goloritzé offer dreamlike landscapes, with hidden beaches nestled among the cliffs and azure, transparent waters. This itinerary is ideal for nature lovers and those who wish to discover some of Sardinia’s most hidden gems.

Each itinerary can be customized according to our clients’ preferences, with the flexibility to modify the itinerary based on weather conditions and specific requests. Our in-depth knowledge of Sardinia allows us to offer unique and unforgettable experiences that go beyond the usual tourist paths, immersing you in the true essence of this wonderful island.

Yacht Charter in Sardinia with Crew

Embarking on a yacht cruise in Sardinia means immersing yourself in an experience of pure luxury. In addition to unparalleled comfort on board, we offer the chance to explore iconic and inaccessible locations by land, ensuring privacy and exclusivity. Life on board is a blend of elegance, sophistication, and relaxation, with high-end culinary services, tailor-made recreational activities, and much more.

Our yachts are chartered with highly qualified crews, who ensure impeccable service, professionalism, and discretion. The crew is dedicated to making each cruise a personalized experience, taking care of every detail, from the itinerary to gourmet cuisine on board, ensuring a worry-free holiday.

Booking Information and Prices

For detailed information on the booking process and rental prices, we invite you to contact us. We are dedicated to offering a tailor-made service that meets your needs and expectations. Focusing on delivering exceptional value, we are ready to guide you in choosing the perfect yacht for your dream vacation.

Commitment to Sustainability in Yacht Chartering in Sardinia

Our business is strongly committed to protecting the marine environment and promoting sustainability. We select green yachts and implement eco-friendly practices to reduce environmental impact. Our goal is to provide a luxurious and responsible cruising experience, contributing to the conservation of Sardinia’s beautiful waters and coastline.

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