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The Tuscan archipelago is a chain of islands west of Tuscany. The archipelago contains the islands of Elba (the largest island of the group), Pianosa, Capraia, Montecristo, Giglio, Gorgona and Giannutri, all of which are protected as part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.
Legend says, the Tuscan Archipelago originated from a jewel that slipped off Venus’s neck, the goddess of beauty and love, and fell into the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Isles of Giglio, Giannutri and Elba in particular are not to be missed. Giglio is not very big but its 3 little nice villages are worh a stop on your luxury charter route. Elba, the largest of the islands, is only 30 nm from the Italian mainland and not far from the Argenatario Peninsula, a glamorous and trendy yacht charter area.

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  • Aramis

    low Season: 38.000 €/week
    High Season : 48.000 €/week
    Medium Season : 43.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 23.8
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2011 – Refit 2017
    Model: Princess V78
    Builder: Princess Yacht

  • Aslec 4

    Low Season: 180.000 €/week
    High Season: 265.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 48
    Cabins: 5  – Crew: 9
    Yacht Tpe: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2012 – Refit 2017
    Builder: Rossi Navi

  • Athos

    Low Season: 69.000 €/week
    High Season: 86.000 €/week
    Mid Season, from 1st to 15th July: 77.000 €/week
    Lengh mt: 32
    Cabins: 5
    Yacht type: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2011 – Refit 2022
    Model: Leopard 32
    Builder: Arno

  • Blue Griffin

    Low Season: 22.400 €/week
    High Season: 25.900 €/week
    Lenght mt: 18.9
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type: Catamaran
    Year: 2012/2019
    Builder: Lagoon

  • Estia

    Low Season: 75.000 €/week
    High Season: 89.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 26.7
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2022
    Model: Sanlorenzo SX 88
    Builder: Sanlorenzo

  • Porthos Sans Abri

    low Season: 52.000 €/week
    High Season: 68.000 €/week
    Medium Season: 65.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 27.07
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht type: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2012 – Refit 2020
    Model: Ferretti 881 Fly
    Builder: Ferretti

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