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Book your yacht on VerdeBlu, the leading platform for luxury yacht charter. Explore our wide selection of available yachts, where you will find the most prestigious vessels in the world, ensuring an unmatched choice.

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  • Hainstaiger X1

    Bassa Stagione: 6.655 €/giorno
    Alta Stagione: 9.075 €/giorno
    Lunghezza mt: 19.72
    Cabine: 3
    Tipo di Yacht: Catamarano
    Anno: 2020
    Modello: Hainsyaiger X1
    Cantiere: Hainstager

  • Sunreef 74 Ombre Blu

    Low Season: €35,000/week
    High Season: €35,000/week
    Length m: 20.04
    Cabins: 3
    Type of Yacht: Catamaran
    Year: 2010 – Refit 2018
    Model: Sunreef 74
    Builder: Sunreef Yachts

  • Christal Mio

    Low Season (from October to May): 33,000 E/week
    High Season (July and August): €47,000/week
    Medium Season (June and September): €43,000/week
    Length m: 20.42
    Cabins: 5
    Type of Yacht: Catamaran
    Year: 2020
    Model: Power 67
    Builder: Fountain Pajot

  • Kingfisher V

    Low Season: €32,000/week (TBC)
    High Season: €38,000/week (TBC)
    Length m: 20.55
    Cabins: 3
    Type of Yacht: Catamaran
    Year: 2021
    Model: Lagoon Sixty 5
    Builder: Lagoon

  • Ginette

    Low Season: €65,000/week
    High Season: €70,000/week
    Length m: 21.34
    Cabins: 4
    Type of Yacht: Catamaran
    Year: 2021
    Model: Sunreef 70
    Builder: Sunreef Yachts

  • Legendary

    Low Season: €41,300/week
    High Season: €49,700/week
    Length m: 22.3
    Cabins: 4
    Type of Yacht: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2008 – Refit: 2018
    Model: Pershing 72′
    Builder: Pershing

  • Aramis

    low Season: 38.000 €/week
    High Season : 48.000 €/week
    Medium Season : 43.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 23.8
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2011 – Refit 2017
    Model: Princess V78
    Builder: Princess Yacht

  • Low Season: €28,800/week
    High Season: €30,000/week
    Length m: 24
    Cabins: 4
    Type of Yacht: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2008 – Refit 2022/2023
    Model: Alalunga 78
    Site: Spertini – Alalunga

  • Minou

    Low Season: €43,000/week
    High Season: €48,000/week
    Length m: 26.5
    Cabins: 4
    Type of Yacht: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2003 – Refit 2018 and 2022
    Model: Canados 86
    Builder: Canados

  • Estia

    Low Season: 75.000 €/week
    High Season: 89.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 26.7
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2022
    Model: Sanlorenzo SX 88
    Builder: Sanlorenzo

  • Porthos Sans Abri

    low Season: 52.000 €/week
    High Season: 68.000 €/week
    Medium Season: 65.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 27.07
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht type: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2012 – Refit 2020
    Model: Ferretti 881 Fly
    Builder: Ferretti

  • Spontaneous

    Low Season: 49.500 €/week
    High Season: 55.000 €/week
    Lunghezza mt: 28.15
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2013
    Model: Sunseeker 28 mt
    Cantiere: Sunseeker Yachts

  • Kawai

    Low Season: €55,000/week
    High Season: €65,000/week
    Length m: 28.3
    Cabins: 3
    Type of Yacht: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2010 – refit 2021
    Model: Mangusta 92
    Builder: Overmarine

  • Epic

    Bassa Stagione: 110.000 €/sett
    Alta Stagione: 110.000 €/sett
    Lunghezza mt: 30
    Cabine: 5
    Tipo di Yacht: Motor Yacht
    Anno: 2021
    Cantiere: Ferretti

  • Ethna

    Low Season: 60.000 €/week
    High Season: 74.000 €/week
    Lenght mt: 30
    Cabins: 5
    Type of Yacht: Motor Yacht
    Year: 2008 – Refit 2020
    Model: Custom Line 97′
    Builder: Ferretti

  • 55 Fiftyfive

    Low Season: 90.000 €/week
    High Season: 100.000 €/week
    Special offer April 2024: 60.000 €/sett
    Special offer May 2024: 70.000 €/sett
    Lenght mt: 31
    Cabins: 4
    Yacht Type : Motor Yacht
    year: 2021
    Model: 102′ Flying Sport
    Builder: CERRI

Luxury Yacht Charter

Every aspect of your rental experience is carefully planned by our expert consultants, from personalized advice on the most exclusive destinations to the creation of custom itineraries, designed to meet all your expectations.

Let yourself be guided by a highly competent charter broker, who will assist you in planning a flawless yacht vacation, complete with a highly qualified crew, ready to fulfill your every wish. Contact us today to begin your extraordinary journey at sea, where elegance, comfort, and exclusivity are just the beginning of a unique adventure.

Yacht Rental

Whatever yacht you aspire to for your holidays, VerdeBlu will be able to propose and negotiate it with the best shipowners around the world. Finding the luxury yacht that exactly meets your needs is our mission, supported by experience, professionalism, and discretion.

Green Yacht

VerdeBlu Yacht Charter is at the forefront of creating sustainable luxury yacht rental experiences, realizing its dream of an increasingly “green” world and an ever “bluer” sea.

VerdeBlu is Eco Friendly

One of the key trends in sustainable pleasure boating is the development of new technologies that reduce emissions and waste. Hybrid propulsion systems, solar panels, and advanced waste management systems are just some examples of the technologies being incorporated into yachts to make them more sustainable.

Another trend in sustainable yachting is the use of sustainable materials in yacht construction. Yacht builders are exploring new materials like recycled plastic, bamboo, and natural fibers that have a lower environmental impact compared to traditional materials.


Immerse yourself in a memorable adventure towards the most enchanting and prestigious destinations around the globe with VerdeBlu, your trusted partner for high-end yacht rentals. Our platform does not just offer yachts, but opens the doors to a series of paradisiacal destinations, designed to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

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